Spotlight: Ambassador Profiles


Private & branded micro-site to feature your ambassadors. These pages provide a roster page as well as individual pages for each of your student ambassadors. On their profile they can share factual details (e.g. hometown, field of study) of their life as well as custom “tagged” areas of passion and interest, such as “volunteerism”, “astronomy” or “kayaking” – the possibilities are endless! The profiles also allow each guide to post their assigned tour schedule so prospective students can schedule their visit with current students with whom they share a common interest.


  1. Create a Student Ambassador Profile Page (that can be branded to match your website) and work with us to help your student guides create compelling profiles.

  2. Provide a direct link from your visit page to the profile page and encourage visiting students to engage and connect with your student ambassadors.


  • Our review of recent campus tour evaluations indicate that prospective students who toured with a current student, with whom they had a common interest, had a better (higher rated) campus experience. Providing visiting students a way to engage and connect with their ambassador makes it more likely they will have a meaningful experience and make a connection when they come to campus.
  • Dedicated ambassador profiles allow your students to highlight and share specific information about themselves that is important to prospective students while keeping their own social media lives personal.

Next Step:

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